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Advisor Insights | A 360° View on Structured Notes

Sit down with Andrew Denenberg, CFP®, a Principal at Strategic Wealth Partners (SWP), and Marc Premselaar, Senior Managing Director at CAIS, for a multi-part discussion on structured notes.

During our series, Advisor Insights | A 360° View of Structured Notes, Andrew and Marc share a 360 view on structured notes including what they are and SWP’s view on the potential benefits they could provide. 

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Part I & II: Structured Notes & the Current Market Environment

Parts I & II, Andrew Denenberg, CFP® shares his investment philosophy, views on the current market, and explains how SWP introduces and educates their clients on structured notes.

Part III: Asset Allocation with Structured Notes

Reflecting on the evolution of Strategic Wealth Partners (SWP)‘s portfolio construction strategy, Andrew Denenberg, CFP® shares how structured notes have helped target specific returns for his clients.

Part IV: CAIS & Structured Notes

Bridging the gap for advisors: Andrew Denenberg, CFP® describes his experience working with CAIS and the potential benefits we provide.


Andrew Denenberg, CFP®
Strategic Wealth Partners, Principal

Andrew is driven to create and manage customized investment plans by carefully and continually working to understand each client’s ever-changing needs.

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant, Andrew is well-versed in providing clients continual oversight of their financial picture. Because the firm practices a highly customized approach to advising each individual client, Andrew offers great flexibility in adapting to each client’s unique situation and presenting suitable opportunities. By engaging in frequent and proactive communication, Andrew aims for his clients to achieve an understanding and feeling of comfort with his recommendations.

In addition to serving individuals, families and private foundations, Andrew advises retirement plan sponsors on sorting through the complexities of administering their plans. He uses his ability to translate complicated regulatory and financial topics to help both employers and employees feel empowered to manage and participate in their retirement plan.

Andrew enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, reading and watching old movies. He is also a passionate fan of Chicago sports teams, particularly the Bulls.