Industry Leaders Join CAIS Advisory Council to Advance Platform

December 5, 2017

Independent Advisors, Key Service Providers, and Market Innovators Commit to Evolution of CAIS

Following a year of record growth for its platform, and to further its commitment to serving the independent wealth management community, CAIS is proud to announce the formation of the CAIS Advisory Council.

CAIS was established with a vision to create a platform that would empower independent advisors with access to specialized investment products, and to provide product manufacturers with streamlined access to the fragmented independent advisor community. Since inception, gross transaction volume has surpassed $5 billion; thousands of advisor firms / teams nationwide actively explore and invest in the dozens of leading product providers that have joined the platform. As a result, CAIS has established itself as the premier gateway to the multi-trillion dollar independent wealth channel.

“Despite our expansion, meeting the needs of the independent advisors and product manufacturers served by our platform will always be at the heart of our business,” said Matt Brown, Founder & CEO. “Our mission will remain deeply connected to serving the needs of both communities; it is from this mission that the inspiration for the Advisory Council was born.”

CAIS Advisory Council Role and Membership

The CAIS Advisory Council will be a forum for key industry influencers to provide input on the future state of the CAIS platform and the key role it plays in the industry. Confirmed members of the CAIS Advisory Council include Barron’s top-ranked registered investment advisors, the nation’s largest RIA platforms, leading independent broker-dealers, globally recognized product managers, independent custodians, Silicon Valley technologists, and other key market participants.

“The CAIS platform is very valuable in serving the investment needs of Strategic Wealth Partners’ clients and in advancing our firm’s growth,” said David Copeland, Founder and Principal of Strategic Wealth Partners, a Focus Financial partner firm. “I am honored and excited to join the CAIS Advisory Council and have the opportunity to shape the direction of this important industry platform for the benefit of all independent wealth managers.”

CAIS will announce all members of the Advisory Council in January 2018.

Platform Integrations Driven by Advisor Demand

Foremost on the Advisory Council’s agenda is the identification and prioritization of relevant platforms whose integration with CAIS would be impactful for independent advisors. As the independent wealth management community adopts an array of outsourced solutions, CAIS has long recognized that advisors are then presented with the challenge of dealing with a multitude of tools and platforms. Advisors now seek a seamless blend of integrated solutions to maximize their productivity and differentiate their practices.

CAIS has established itself as a champion of integration within the wealth management ecosystem and is committed to dedicating resources in 2018 to expand those capabilities with existing and new partners alike. CAIS was an early adopter of DTCC’s AIP protocol for the standardization of alternative investment reporting and has complemented that initiative by pursuing robust integrations with all major custodians. CAIS’s platform integration with Fidelity, notable for its single sign-on and subscription process features, was recognized with a Industry Award and has set the stage for even deeper integration with the industry’s custodian platforms.

CAIS has also delivered rich integrations with category-leading asset management and reporting platforms such as Envestnet, Tamarac and Orion, enabling not only single-sign on integrations with these platforms but also the ability to exchange product and investment data. Through its seamless integration architecture, the CAIS platform is well-positioned to serve both the needs that advisors have today as well as their emerging future requirements.

About CAIS

CAIS is the leading alternative investment platform for financial advisors who seek improved access to and education about alternative investment funds and products. CAIS provides financial advisors with a broad selection of alternative investment strategies including, hedge funds, private equity, private credit, real estate and structured notes, allowing them to capitalize on opportunities and/or withstand ever-changing markets. Additionally, CAIS provides an industry-leading learning system, CAIS IQ, that helps advisors learn faster, remember longer and improve client outcomes.

All funds listed on CAIS undergo Mercer’s independent due diligence and ongoing monitoring. Mercer diligence reports and fund ratings are available to advisors on the CAIS password-protected platform. CAIS streamlines the end-to-end transaction process through digital subscriptions and integrated reporting with Fidelity, Schwab and Pershing, making investing in alternatives simple.

Founded in 2009, CAIS, a fintech leader, is empowering wealth management by leveling the playing field for financial advisors everywhere.

Securities offered through CAIS Capital LLC, member FINRA, SIPC.

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