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CAIS Announces New Integration with Addepar for Seamless Alternatives Transaction Reporting

CAIS continues to connect the wealth management ecosystem, making it faster and easier for independent financial advisors to access, learn, transact, and report on alternative investments.



CAIS, the leading alternative investment platform, today announced an integration with Addepar, a wealth management platform that specializes in data aggregation, analytics, and performance reporting. This new partnership marks CAIS’ second automated data and reporting integration, providing advisors with a more robust view of their alternative investments.

Advisors who have joined the CAIS platform and use Addepar as their portfolio management tool are, at no additional cost, able to take full advantage of the CAIS / Addepar integration, including:

  • Get reliable data allowing advisors to conduct deep analysis and get actionable insights

  • Aggregate all financial accounts to create a consolidated view of clients’ portfolios

  • View investments easily across accounts and uncover opportunities to provide holistic advice and grow client relationships

  • Receive faster, more enriched data into the Addepar platform, eliminating many of the operational headaches associated with manual data management processes

  • Provide a broader selection of alternative investment strategies that seek to capitalize on new opportunities and/or withstand ever-changing markets

  • Access an industry-leading learning system that helps advisors learn faster, remember longer, and improve client outcomes

This integration will help independent and breakaway advisors as they seek a broader range of investment options to meet their clients’ unique financial goals.

Advisors that utilize both CAIS and Addepar will have full access to Mercer’s investment and operational due diligence and the peace of mind that all funds available to the CAIS network are institutionally rated by Mercer. The CAIS platform acts as a single point of operational support for all products made available through CAIS, further centralizing the operational experience for all joint clients.

“All ecosystem integration partners share a commitment to making both the advisor and end-client experience simpler and more efficient.” said Matt Brown, Founder and CEO of CAIS. “Through our integration with the leading custodians, FidelitySchwabBNY Mellon Pershing, and reporting providers Orion, and now Addepar, CAIS will further unlock the potential of our best-in-class alternative investment platform, empowering independent financial advisors to be more competitive and further improve client outcomes.”

To get started using the CAIS/Addepar integration for seamless transaction reporting, please email [email protected]

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