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Structured Solutions Show Dramatic Volume Growth on the CAIS Platform

One of the most significant trends across the CAIS platform in 2020 has been the surge of allocations to structured solutions. Structured solutions (commonly known as structured notes or structured products) are market-linked investments that may be tailored to meet an investor’s goals, risk tolerance, and market views. Like other alternative investments, structured solutions are generally outcome-driven and seek to help advisors supplement income, diversify risk, and enhance returns in their client portfolios.

Adoption of structured solutions across the CAIS platform has seen dramatic growth in 2020:

  • Active advisors on the platform grew by 55%

  • First time allocators to structured notes increased by 94%

  • Platform volume grew by 51%

  • The number of customized transactions increased by 103%

“CAIS has been a true partner to us in our structured notes business. Their open architecture platform helps drive transparency, diversification, and better outcomes for our clients,” said Dean Zayed, CEO of Brookstone Capital Management. “They have helped us deliver a set of portfolio solutions tailored specifically to meet our needs, while also helping us scale our business by simplifying the overall end-to-end investment process.”

The CAIS Structured Solutions (CSS) mission is to empower financial advisors with insight that can provide sophisticated, well-informed, and actionable solutions custom tailored to meet their clients’ needs. CSS advocates on behalf of the financial advisor community to level the playing field – empowering independence – and their capability to compete with entrenched industry leaders. We work directly with major banks and custodians to create a seamless, efficient investment process for financial advisors to deploy structured solutions in their business at scale.

CAIS is focused on partnering with advisors every step of the way, allowing advisors to do what they do best, grow and protect client wealth.

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