A Diverse, Growing Menu of Products

Our platform provides you with turnkey access to a growing selection of in-demand funds and products. As our menu expands, we continue to stand behind our mission to deliver you a competitive advantage and a better experience, through seamless technology.

  • Hedge Funds

    A broad menu of hedge funds across a wide range of strategies, including long/short equity, event-driven, merger arbitrage, credit/distressed, multi-strategy, global macro, CTA and fund of funds, in developed and emerging markets.

  • Private Equity Funds

    Direct, secondary and primary private equity investments, diversified across geographic regions and vintage years.

  • Interval Funds

    Interval funds generally afford advisors the opportunity to have their clients invest at lower minimum amounts in a highly diversified, income-generating pool of institutional private equity strategies managed by top-ranked institutional managers without the need for subscription documents.

  • ’40 Act Funds

    Various investment products offered in a 40′ Act format for accredited investors.

  • Equity & Debt Syndicate

    New issues and follow-on offerings across equity and fixed income securities from leading underwriters. Including income/yield (MLP, REIT, BDC, CEF), bonds and preferred stock, and a growing number of private placement opportunities.

  • Structured Solutions

    Our structured solutions offering empowers you to diversify your client exposure beyond stocks, bonds, ETFs and funds. Our offering is delivered in collaboration with leading financial institutions.