CAIS is the first truly open marketplace for alternative investments, where financial advisors and asset managers can engage and transact directly on a massive scale.

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Outcome oriented products1.

Many alternative investments are driven by non-traditional risk and return dynamics. As a result, alternatives can provide a portfolio with diversification, enhanced returns and supplemental income over the long term2.

Enhance Returns
Private Equity, Hedge Funds,
Structured Notes & More
Diversify Risk
Hedge Funds, Private Real Estate,
Structured Notes & More
Supplement Income
Private Credit, Private Real Estate,
Structured Notes & More

Access delivers opportunity.

"Gaining seamless access to top-tier alternatives really levels the playing field for us. We can now compete with the most resourced wealth management firms to enhance client outcomes and win business.”

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Learning drives earning.

“After evaluating competing platforms, CAIS’s unparalleled commitment to education made partnering with them a top priority. CAIS IQ gives advisors a powerful competitive advantage. It’s a game-changer!”

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Diligence is peace of mind.

“Mercer’s objective, independent diligence and ratings standards gives me peace of mind knowing that every fund on the platform has gone through a rigorous due diligence process. I know I can trust Mercer to support me in fulfilling my fiduciary obligation.”

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Transacting made simple.

“CAIS has transformed all the manual, time consuming processes of subscribing and reporting on alternative investment funds. CAIS has made it simple to transact at scale allowing me to focus on my clients.”

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Platform Vibrancy
Transaction Volume
Unique Advisor Firms / Teams
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