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What are Contingent Yield Notes?

A structured note is a debt obligation that combines a zero-coupon bond with an options package to create a single investment security.

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Hedge Fund Quarterly Digest 1Q22

The first quarter of the new year saw broad declines across risk assets with stocks and bonds ending the period lower.

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The Potential Opportunity in Market Volatility

Entering an interest rate tightening cycle with high inflation and stock market valuations, reassess client portfolios and prepare them for the road ahead.

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Alternative Options for a Rising Rate World

After January’s consumer price index reading was released, the market expectations saw the potential for a 50 basis point (bps) hike in March.

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Music Royalties Are King in the Search for Yield

Investors are looking to music as a source of yield, as artists seek to monetize catalogues and streaming on-demand exceeds 2.7 trillion downloads globally.

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The VIX & Volatility

As we emerge from the pandemic, we do so in a higher volatility environment which we expect to be punctuated with more frequent and higher spikes in volatility.

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To Taper or Tighten?

The Fed announced recently that they remain patient on raising rates but will begin reducing the pandemic era bond purchases starting this month



Shifting Inflationary Expectations

Nic Millikan discusses inflation, market volatility, and what we’re hearing from financial advisors on how they’re considering the current environment.

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