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Raising the Alts Game with Customized Access


Our collaboration with Focus brings the CAIS platform capabilities to even more advisors and their clients.

Our recently announced collaboration with Focus Financial Partners is exciting for many reasons. But perhaps most important, it demonstrates what can be achieved when we combine CAIS’s industry-leading capabilities with the type of customization needed to support an advisor’s specific objectives.

With CAIS as a fully integrated alternative investments platform, the 80+ firms in Focus's partnership are empowered with:

  • access to a diverse range of alternative strategies, including hedge funds, private equity, private credit, real estate, digital assets, and structured notes.

  • integration with Fidelity, Schwab and Pershing as well as reporting aggregators like Orion and Envestnet.

  • independent due diligence (done by Mercer) coupled with end-to-end digitized transaction processing.

  • access to our advanced learning platform, CAIS IQ, which enables independent wealth managers to learn smarter, through personalized courses, about the complex and rapidly evolving universe of alternative investments.

Our partnership with Focus is the result of a years-long collaboration during which we created the customization that allowed us to address the specific needs of the advisors of Focus's partner firms.

The result is a platform experience that will allow these advisors to:

  • add third-party funds, as well as any funds these firms manage themselves, to the CAIS platform, so they can manage all their alternative investments in one location.

  • customize content on CAIS IQ and draw on academic research and machine learning to deliver personalized education on alternatives to each user.

The CAIS platform has been employed as a powerful and effective tool by 4,800 wealth management firms. I, and the entire CAIS family, are proud to welcome Focus Financial Partner aboard and look forward to seeing what our newly customized capabilities can do for their partner firms.

I have enjoyed a close, long-term relationship with Focus. For over a decade we have been working with the advisors within their partnership and I look forward to many years of collaboration ahead. This joint project serves to deepen our commitment to connecting the independent wealth management ecosystem to drive business growth and operational efficiencies. This initiative to build a unique platform experience also exemplifies what can be accomplished when two like-minded partners work toward a shared vision.