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CAIS Announces New Integration with Orion for Seamless Transaction Reporting

Press Release

CAIS continues to connect the wealth management ecosystem, making it easier for independent financial advisors to access alternative investments.

CAIS, the leading alternative investment platform, today announced an integration with Orion Advisor Solutions, architect of the tech-enabled fiduciary process that empowers the advisor-client journey by enabling advisors to Prospect, Plan, Invest, and Achieve within a single, connected experience. This new partnership marks CAIS’ first automated data and reporting integration with an advisor-tech firm, providing advisors with a more robust view of their alternative investments.

By pairing CAIS’ alternative investment platform with the data points housed within Orion Connect, advisors can now:

  • Provide a broader selection of alternative investment strategies that seek to capitalize on new opportunities and withstand ever-changing markets

  • Receive faster, more enriched data into the Orion platform, eliminating many of the operational headaches associated with manual data management processes

  • Seamlessly view the complexity of their clients’ alternative investments all within Orion’s platform

  • Access CAIS IQ, an industry-leading learning system that helps advisors learn faster, remember longer, and improve client outcomes

This integration will help independent and breakaway advisors as they seek a broader range of investment options to meet their clients’ unique financial goals.

“CAIS has been a champion of the independent advisor community bringing improved access and education to alternative investments,” said Trent Mumma, Chief Product Officer at Orion. “As demand grows for access to non-correlated assets, our integration with CAIS will play an important role in helping advisors meet the long-term financial goals of investors.”

Connecting the Wealth Management Ecosystem

CAIS recently accomplished an important milestone in its strategic plan to connect the wealth management ecosystem. The first phase of the strategy, which included the integration of the top three custodians, Fidelity, Schwab, and BNY Mellon’s Pershing, is complete and allows CAIS to empower over 15,000 advisors, who oversee $6.4T, to seamlessly browse, research, transact, and operate in a fully connected ecosystem.

Their latest integration with Orion marks the beginning of the second strategic phase by connecting the ecosystem with premier advisor tech to continue empowering independent financial advisors everywhere.

Both custodial and advisor-tech clients have full access to Mercer’s investment and operational due diligence and the peace of mind that all funds available to the CAIS network are institutionally rated by Mercer. The CAIS platform acts as a single point of operational support for all products made available through CAIS, further centralizing the operational experience for all joint clients.

“All ecosystem integration partners share a commitment to optimizing the client experience to be simpler and more efficient for financial advisors,” said Matt Brown, Founder and CEO of CAIS. “Through our integration with the leading custodians and now Orion, CAIS will further unlock the potential of our best-in-class alternative investment platform, empowering independent financial advisors to be more competitive and further improve client outcomes.”

To learn more about how to leverage this integration, register for the webinar here.

CAIS is not affiliated with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. (“Schwab”).

About Orion Advisor Solutions

Orion Advisor Solutions is the premier provider of the tech-enabled fiduciary process that transforms the advisor-client relationship by enabling financial advisors to Prospect, Plan, Invest, and Achieve within a single, connected, technology-driven experience. Combined, our brand entities, Orion Advisor Tech, Orion Portfolio Solutions, Brinker Capital Investments, and CLS Investments, create a complete yet modular offering that empowers firms to attract new clients seamlessly; connect goals more meaningfully to investment strategies and outcomes, and ultimately track progress toward each investor’s unique definition of financial success. As a result, Orion supports more than 2,100 advisory firms with $1.3 trillion in assets under administration and an additional $44 billion of combined platform assets (Orion Portfolio Solutions and Brinker Capital) on the open architecture TAMP, making Orion the platform of choice for all growth-focused advisory firms looking to strengthen their client relationships, gain a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace, and build strong, profitable businesses. Learn more at

Media Contacts Ann Marie Gorden Gregory FCA for Orion (267) 249-7765 [email protected]

About CAIS

CAISis the pioneer in democratizing access to and education about alternative investments and structured notes for independent advisors, asset managers, and bank issuers, empowering them to engage and transact on a massive scale. We believe that the combination of industry-leading technology and human interaction throughout the pre-trade, trade, and post-trade experience delivers superior operational efficiency and a world-class client experience. 

 CAIS provides advisors with access to a broad selection of alternative investment strategies, including hedge funds, private equity, private debt, real estate, infrastructure, and structured notes, allowing them to capitalize on opportunities and withstand ever-changing markets.  

CAIS streamlines the end-to-end transaction process through digital subscriptions and powers integrated reporting through leading US custodians and reporting providers, making investing in alternatives simpler.  CAIS also enables advisors to centralize all their alts and notes on one platform, whether they were purchased on or off the CAIS platform, through CAIS Solutions, and helps advisors create custom fund vehicles around ideas they source. 

Founded in 2009, CAIS, a fintech leader, supports over 34,000 advisors who oversee more than $4.5 trillion in network assets. Since its inception, CAIS has facilitated over $30 billion in transaction volume. CAIS has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, and London. For more information about CAIS, please visit    

 Securities offered through CAIS Capital LLC, member FINRA, SIPC.   



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