Our Story

CAIS is the first truly open marketplace for alternative investments, where financial advisors and asset managers can engage and transact directly on a massive scale.

Financial advisors, the professionals we designate to oversee our economic futures, do not have the same access to alternative investments in comparison to large institutions.

Without access to alternative investments, financial advisors have fewer tools to capitalize on opportunities or withstand the ever-changing markets. This unlevel playing field puts financial advisors at a meaningful disadvantage when building and protecting wealth. CAIS is changing that.

We set out on a mission to democratize access for financial advisors by breaking down the barriers that prevent them from connecting with the best alternative asset managers.

In 2009, CAIS set its sights on leveling the playing field by building trusted relationships with financial advisors, asset managers, and a broad spectrum of service providers across the wealth management ecosystem. We navigated the established financial system, introduced new and innovative technology, pioneered new pathways for transacting, and launched the first independent platform capable of empowering financial advisors and asset managers everywhere.

Our ideas resonated, and thousands of financial advisors who control over $1 trillion joined our platform.

Asset managers too have recognized that the fragmented financial advisor community, while challenging to navigate, represents an untapped opportunity for new investors. As a result, many globally recognized asset managers turn to CAIS as their primary gateway to access this valuable financial advisor community.

We’ve surmounted the biggest challenge of building a two-sided marketplace: captivating an audience on both sides while building the critical infrastructure to support facilitating transactions at scale.

Please join us in transforming wealth management.