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CAIS Custom Funds

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Keep your competitive edge in alts

Is your firm already experienced in alternative investing? Creating your own branded custom fund structures may help advisors in your network maintain their advantage. By partnering with CAIS and leveraging our alternative investing technology, advisors can put their investment management skills on display as they endeavor to attract new clients and strengthen relationships with their existing ones.

Your investment strategy consolidated into your own custom vehicle

Reduce operational hurdles

Consolidating your funds into a single vehicle may decrease paperwork and streamline capital calls and distributions.

Target your preferred investment opportunities

Try to negotiate capacity and more preferable terms from managers, while giving yourself time to access more opportunistic investments.

Enjoy end-to-end support

CAIS can assist you and your advisors in vendor sourcing, fund creation, document preparation, and fund-specific CAIS IQ course development.

Customize vehicles

Custom fund options may allow you to showcase your firm’s sourcing and asset management capabilities while overcoming common operational hurdles.

Bring your existing alternative asset manager relationships together with our technology and operational experience to create and launch exclusive, single-manager feeder funds.

  • Create economies of scale Pool capital into a single strategy to reduce trading and operational friction for your team. 

  • Aim for more flexibility With a feeder-fund structure, you can often achieve more flexible terms than typically required by the asset manager, including those related to minimum investments and more. 

  • Offload operational tasks By working with CAIS to create a feeder fund, you can leverage operations, such as vendor sourcing, fund creation, and document preparation, from our team.

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