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CAIS IQ helps financial advisors master alternative investments in just minutes a day, leveling up their knowledge and creating opportunities to have client conversations and accelerate their business.

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When it comes to clients, financial advisors understand that one-size fits none. CAIS IQ was built with this principle in mind, offering custom learning on the asset class, sub-asset class, fund or solution that makes sense for their business. Gain an understanding of how alternatives can be incorporated into portfolios and how they can potentially improve outcomes.

Never Miss a Beat

CAIS IQ delivers what financial advisors need, before they need it, no matter how they learn best– at their pace. We automatically adapt content and pathways to help financial advisors learn once and deepen retention. We don't just source and provide world-class content, we deliver in a way that makes it immediately actionable memorable.

Earn CE Credits, on the Go

CAIS IQ is modular, mobile, and works best in short bursts. Our content structure allows financial advisors to earn CE credits on select courses from both CIMA® and CFP®2 on a timeline that works for them– anywhere. With CAIS IQ, we strive to help cover more ground in-between meetings than they can do in a week’s worth of seminars, webinars, and whitepapers.

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CAIS IQ’s mission is to help financial advisors master alternative investments, win client conversations, and grow their business. Financial advisors need a way to stay sharp that fits their schedule. CAIS IQ is a quick path to ensure that financial advisors are ready for client questions– at a moment’s notice. CAIS IQ helps advisors master exactly what they need to know in just minutes a day, so they can spend time where it matters most: having meaningful conversations with clients.

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Learning Revolutionized

Up until now, education has been about the content, and not about how to learn and retain information. CAIS IQ is changing that. It’s how you learn that makes the difference. CAIS IQ is a scientifically validated learning system that helps to counteract forgetting by combining expert content with artificial intelligence and machine learning to deepen understanding and build confidence.

What does this mean for financial advisors? CAIS IQ can translate knowledge into power for financial advisors and their clients.

Welcome to Education 2.0.

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Return Enhancement Courses

CAIS IQ Course Foundations of Private Equity

Access an understanding of the diversified sources potential growth, from venture capital to leveraged buyouts, and how they may enhance portfolio return.

CAIS IQ Course Foundations of Hedge Funds

Illuminate an asset class long known for providing enhanced returns, but which may also diversify a portfolio and provide capital protection.

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Foundations of Alternative Investments

Delve into the world of alternative investments by getting an introduction to what they are and how they differ from stocks and bonds.

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