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The Polarization of D.C.: The Divergent Outlook for Markets & The Economy featuring Josh Brown

Against the backdrop of political and economic polarization, the only certainty as we head into the election is uncertainty. Such a precarious environment can have vast implications for the market, the economy, and the future of the U.S. itself. Join The Reformed Broker, Josh Brown, to hear his thoughts on how this uncertainty will shape the near-term outlook, and what investors should be doing today to prepare for what comes tomorrow.

Friday, October 23rd | 11AM ET

Navigating Uncharted Waters featuring Shannon Saccocia

Amidst the economic uncertainty stemming from a potential change in the White House and Congress, financial advisors are faced with questions from concerned clients trying to make sense of the impact the U.S. Election may have on their portfolios. Join us as we host seasoned investment professional Shannon Saccocia, CIO at Boston Private Wealth, for a discussion on equity market behavior and how the election may impact market cycles.

Thursday, October 29th | 11AM ET

The Future of America: Who Won & Why featuring Frank Luntz

With their votes cast, and the results in, we now know who the President Elect is. During our final discussion, Frank Luntz will focus on the President’s policies and their potential implications on the future of the country.

Thursday, November 12th | 3PM ET

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Navigating Economic Uncertainty featuring Steven Shapiro

Steven Shapiro, Founding Partner at GoldenTree Asset Management, discusses the potential shift in economic growth drivers and how this may impact the market.

Live Event from October 16th
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A Divergent Nation featuring Frank Luntz

The 2020 U.S. Election could serve as a catalyst for change and will be a defining moment for the country. With a presidential debate canceled, Frank Luntz walks us through the political landscape and explain what this could mean for both candidates.

Live Event from October 16th

The Election’s Potential Impact on the Economy featuring Mike Novogratz

During this fireside chat, Mike Novogratz, Founder, and CEO of Galaxy Digital, will do a deep dive on the potential market implications of the Election and help us understand how to make informed investment decisions during these turbulent times.

Live Event from October 8th
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Red vs. Blue featuring Frank Luntz

Switching focus to the Vice-Presidential nominees, Frank Luntz, shares his commentary on the face-off between Vice President Mike Pence and the Democratic candidate, Kamala Harris.

Live Event from October 8th

The Battle for D.C. featuring Frank Luntz

Kicking off Countdown to the Election, we’re joined by political pollster, Frank Luntz, as he sets the stage for the weeks leading up to the 2020 Presidential Election. Using data-driven insights, Frank provides his unique perspective on the first Presidential Debate, where both candidates were questioned on topics such as COVID-19, the Supreme Court nomination, nationwide protests on gender, diversity and inclusion, and the future of the U.S. economy.

Live Event from October 1st

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